Lesbian Curves and Hard Femme now live on PinkLabel.TV!


Yay! PinkLabel.TV is my favorite VOD hub and I’m pleased as punch to have all of my current releases available on this amazing site. TROUBLEfilms and Pink & White have so many similar goals as ethical porn-making companies and it’s such a perfect fit to have my films on this site. It’s clearly the best choice for porn rentals online, and this partnership between TROUBLEfilms and Pink & White was meant to be!

The Lesbian Curves series is a project very close to my heart, as I am someone who got into the porn industry to change people’s outlook on oppression of sexual minorities, particularly sex workers of size and queer performers. Having my first genre-specific queer fat-positive porn get so popular in the mainstream and indie sectors has been a dream come true as an activist, and as an artist I stand behind this work with a heavy hope that it has helped people along their own paths of self-discovery and self-love. I am excited to see Lesbian Curves and Hard Femme continue to get the recognition I hoped they would, and alongside my Feminist Porn Award and BBW Fan Fest Porn Award, I’m looking towards making this series even bigger and better in the year to come.