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Lesbian Curves and Hard Femme now live on PinkLabel.TV!


Yay! PinkLabel.TV is my favorite VOD hub and I’m pleased as punch to have all of my current releases available on this amazing site. TROUBLEfilms and Pink & White have so many similar goals as ethical porn-making companies and it’s such a perfect fit to have my films on this site. It’s clearly the best choice for porn rentals online, and this partnership between TROUBLEfilms and Pink & White was meant to be!

The Lesbian Curves series is a project very close to my heart, as I am someone who got into the porn industry to change people’s outlook on oppression of sexual minorities, particularly sex workers of size and queer performers. Having my first genre-specific queer fat-positive porn get so popular in the mainstream and indie sectors has been a dream come true as an activist, and as an artist I stand behind this work with a heavy hope that it has helped people along their own paths of self-discovery and self-love. I am excited to see Lesbian Curves and Hard Femme continue to get the recognition I hoped they would, and alongside my Feminist Porn Award and BBW Fan Fest Porn Award, I’m looking towards making this series even bigger and better in the year to come.


TROUBLEfilms Gets 7 Nominations for the BBW Fan Fest Awards

We need your help! Vote for TROUBLEfilms, Courtney Trouble, and QueerPorn.TV to win at the BBW Fan Fest Awards. A portion of the judging process will include fan favorites, so when you click on our name – you help us win trophies for all our hard work!

Lesbian-Curves-Box-Art-Front-WebIt’s been a BANG UP awards season for TROUBLEfilms, locking in 3 AVN Nominations, 7 Feminist Porn Award Nominations (with two HUGE wins for Lesbian Curves and FTMFucker.Com!) – and now, the BBW Fan Fest has rolled out their nominations for the best plus size porn – and we got 7 of those, too!

TROUBLEfilms launched the Lesbian Curves series this year with our first DVD, winner of the highly coveted Hottest Dyke Film award at the Feminist Porn Awards – and we don’t intend on stopping there. Lesbian Curves 2: Rough Sex will come out the week before the awards ceremony, and we will be a gang of babes representing the project and TROUBLEfilms!

So, you should vote for us. And you should come to the party in Vegas, July 25th-28th.

courtney-april-smallerStudio of the Year: TROUBLEfilms
Director of the Year: Courtney Trouble
Newcomer of the Year: Courtney Trouble
Specialty Niche Performer of the Year: Courtney Trouble
Plumper of the Year: Courtney Trouble (FYI: “Plumper” is the industry term for on the smaller side.)
Multi-Girl Site of the Year: QueerPorn.TV
Fetish/Specialty Site of the Year: QueerPorn.TV

(You’ll have to vote for every category – vote for our babes April Flores, Betty Black, Kelly Shibari, and Michelle Austin whenever you get the chance!)




——-Visit the 2013 BBW FanFest website or the entire list of nominations!

PS. Also, thank you to the BBW FanFest Awards for including trans women in your nominations without segregation – I think that’s really fuckin cool and I hope my babe Michelle Austin wins everything she’s nominated for!

Lesbian Curves is an XCRITIC PICK!!!! 5 Stars

Lesbian Curves Reviewed by Rob Perez for XCritic.Com!


lesbian-curves-watermarked 047Overview: Films like Lesbian Curves are why I review porn. Every year I review literally hundreds of adult titles and a few, very few of them are deemed by me to be considered a real achievement in porn filmmaking. Lesbian Curves also does something that is becoming very difficult to do—be unique. It must also be mentioned that Lesbian Curves, a BBW-themed film produced by Queer porn studio Trouble Films (a none BBW studio), will be noted as one of the films that will bring BBW porn more into the porn mainstream. It raises the bar in that it brings together a very good mix of beautiful BBW models—from plumpers to SSBBWs—with solid chemistry, hot sex, terrific camera views, editing and music. It’s an art film that is free of pretension, daringly shot in HD so you see it all—curvy thick women in all their nude glory worshipping one another, full of belly worshipping, lots of pussy licking, and toy play. Even its imperfections—such as the blurry camera when trying to capture the action, somehow work perfectly in the scenes. It’s not too hardcore but it’s sizzling enough to be a jerker, and it has lots of replay value. BBW is still a bit of a niche but Lesbian Curves will slowly get audiences who are open-minded about their porn to take notice, watch and sing its praises. There are no big budget special effects, exotic locations, dramatic, teary-eyed dialogue, or a parody on the latest TV show. Lesbian Curves is an original, gritty, raw, erotic, amazing film which clearly makes it one of the first, best releases of 2013!

Scene 1 Courtney Trouble, Sandy Bottoms

Coutney and Sandy are making out, pretty hard and heavy, feeling each other up and slowly undressing one another. Both babes engage in lots of sloppy kissing and even sloppier titty sucking. Each girl has more than a handful on top so they take full advantage playing with the massive amount of boobage in front of them. Coutney, with her much rounder, plumpier body takes on the more dominant role, pulling down Sandy’s bottoms and burying her face in Sandy’s muff. Sandy grabs Courtney’s hair and guides her head along her snatch. Courtney manages to make Sandy squirm and when she comes up for air, Sandy’s sweet juices are covering Courtney’s face. Among the other naughty things the girls engage in, both plumpers get one another off using heavy finger banging, and toy play. There is great chemistry between the two; from the look in their eyes they appear ready to ravage each other, which they both succeed in doing.

Scene 2 Sophia St. James, Peppermint Fatty

Here’s where the HD aspect of this film really comes into play. Peppermint Fatty is a drop dead gorgeous super sized BBW, weighing in at around 350lbs. With all that weight and her pasty white skin, the HD really captures every wrinkle, every fold on her body, even her pubes are much more pronounce in HD, exactly what you get when you’re with a woman her size. Sophia just cannot get enough of exploring Peppermint’s body, diving right into her snatch and lapping up Peppermint’s juicy clit. Peppermint for the most part is the more passive partner, allowing Sophia to work her up using toys, her fingers, and of course Sophia’s long vlevety tongue. Peppermint is the kind of woman you can’t take your eyes off of, her massive nude body being enough to get any BBW lover worked up and filling their sacks with overflowing amounts of nut juice. Sophia has the pleasure of getting Peppermint off, with both ladies still appearing to want more as the scene comes to a close.

Scene 3 Eden Alexander, Kitty Striker

Eden wants to play “Have you ever” with Kitty, a nerdy, heavy-set alt girl who agrees to play. When Eden asks, “Have you ever been with a girl,” Kitty answers no, giving Eden the go ahead to suggest a new game that involves a blindfold on Kitty. Eden tells Kitty to relax as she is about to kiss her nerdy friend, lick her neck, and grope her tits. Kitty is turned on by Eden’s touches and begins to engage in deep heavy kissing, Both tattoo beauties then get it on hard and very dirty, with Kitty’s pussy being lapped up by Eden, her body being much more petite than Kitty’s but is clearly the one in charge of the scene. Kitty begins creaming after having her pussy worked on with Eden’s hand manipulation and heavy toy play, while her moaning and screaming being genuine that she doesn’t want it to end. Kitty definitely wins much kudos with her amazing good looks, sexy chubby body, and her erotic performance with the sultry and exotic Eden.

Scene 4 Kelly Shibari, Betty Blac

Kelly and Betty begin things by having a slow but sensuous make out session which then turns into Kelly having her way with the ebony, amazonian beauty. Betty has an amazing body—soft, curvy, big bust, thick thighs and tall—a total brickhouse! Yet it’s the veteran Kelly, herself working with a big belly she carries well, along with her exotic Asian features, that takes over Betty. Kelly assists Betty remove her clothing, leaving her completely nude for Kelly to play with. Kelly works her tongue over Betty, lapping up her chocolate-covered skin, causing Betty to shake uncontrollably. With a set of toys, Kelly works them into Betty, instantly making Betty cream, her nipples hardening and her juices flowing from her box. Kelly is merely the one giving Betty pleasure, but from the deep tongue kissing that follows, its clear Betty left fully satisfied by Kelly’s hand.

Summary: Lesbian Curves will surely move the BBW genre further to the forefront of genres that deserve to be taking much more seriously by the porn elite, especially come awards season. Produced and released by a non-BBW studio, Lesbian Cuves is among the very best BBW titles ever shot, and will certainly go down as a groundbreaking production, not only for its sizzling sex scenes but by showing various women of size showing a real genuine attraction towards each other. This proves that purposely having two BBWs in a scene, each a different size, can work perfectly. Yet, even those with a fetish for heavier women will not be put off by the size differential. There’s an ample amount of belly play, which as all lovers of BBWs know, is what we are most attracted to physically and admire about these women. Director Courtney Trouble brings these and many other elements together extremely well, both on the creative and technical aspects. Porn films rarely get better than this. Lesbian Curves deserves no less than being awarded an XCritic Pick!

Lesbian Curves Reviewed in Whack! Magazine

Review: Lesbian Curves.
By Miss Lagsalot.

Lesbian Curves
Directed by Courtney Trouble
Trouble Films
Starring: Courtney Trouble, Kelly Shibari, Betty Blac, Kitty Stryker, Sophia St. James, Sandy Bottoms, Peppermint Fatty, Eden Alexander

You know what I like most about this movie? I mean… besides the rest of it. I love the laughing. There’s a lot of laughter in Lesbian Curves, the latest full-length film from indie porn pioneer and curvy queer Courtney Trouble—and not the kind you might expect from a porno. Whereas it’s pretty typical to hear “sexy” laughter, along with tooth-sucking air intake and faked “ooh”-ing and “aah”-ing, in mainstream porn, the luscious ladies in this outing spend a lot of their screen time giggling, chuckling, and even guffawing. There’s an honesty to their titters and belly laughs that makes this movie stand out from the pack. Yes, it’s a little awkward sometimes to have sex on camera, and yes, there’s nothing wrong with that. Yes, sex can be a little silly, sometimes even cheesy, and that’s fucking great. If you can’t laugh at yourself when you’re naked and spreadeagle, dear god, when can you laugh?

And you know what’s great about that laughter, particularly in Lesbian Curves? The same thing that makes the—numerous, cataclysmic, incredible—orgasms so fabulous: the jiggling. If you ask any of the many people I know who love female bodies, they’ll tell you straight-up that jiggling is a beautiful thing. One of the chief draws of the female form in the first place. It accentuates the curves of the body, it amplifies shakes and quakes of pleasure, and it hypnotizes the viewer each time a chuckle sets of the chain reaction. Jiggling is fabufuckinglous. But there’s a sad lack of it in most porn, or any other form of entertainment, for that matter. Because in most porn and other kinds of movies, the women are tiny little toothpick-y things. If they have big boobs that could ostensibly wobble, they’re often strapped down or pushed up so much they don’t move, or they’re fake—which is ok, except that fake boobs don’t bounce. And what I’m enjoying in Lesbian Curves are jiggly jubblies that wiggle and wobble and bounce and bobble. And butts, too. Big, bountiful, bouncy butts. And thighs, and tummies, and whole, voluminous, voluptuous bodies that show their nerves in laughter and display their enjoyment of the fingering and licking and vibrators and dildos and strap-ons by shuddering in wave after wave of full-figured female fuckableness.

Also, the music is excellent. Porn music is usually so bad it doesn’t bear mentioning or even notice, but when it’s done well, it adds a whole dimension to a film. The theme in Lesbian Curves reminds me of a Danny Elfman/Tim Burton soundtrack, and I’m ok with Johnny Depp being absent from this installment because this is a lesbian sex movie and he’s cute and all, but he doesn’t rock the jiggling nearly as hard as Courtney Trouble, Kelly Shibari, Kitty Stryker, or any of the other deliciously quivering ladies getting it on with other ladies in this movie.

I use the term “ladies” here with purpose. This is a queer-friendly movie from Trouble Films, which is famed for its representation of all genders getting it on in kinky ways, but Lesbian Curves represents mostly femme-ish cis-women having lesbian sex in fairly tame ways… at least, when compared with some of Trouble’s other films that depict all kinds of kink, BDSM, and fetish play between lots of trans- and cis-people. While I enjoy almost all variations of queer porn, and it’s nice to be reminded that even the performers here, many of whom identify as queer and kinky, sometimes like to giggle through a jiggle-fest without hot wax or safe words, and that watching their playfulness can still be pleasing. Of course, I suppose just the spectacle of two larger women having sex on screen could be a kink for some people, and for those lovers of female fleshiness, here’s your fantasy, served up full-bodied and fresh. The bodies in this film range from the relatively svelte frame of Sandy Bottoms to the bountiful folds of Peppermint Fatty, but each of the women featured in Lesbian Curves offers more in the way of feminine curvature than the entire casts of most porn or mainstream movies combined. No matter if it’s particularly your thing or not, seeing some heavy hotties on your screen will show you just how luscious Lesbian Curves can be.

Be sure to buy or watch the film and follow it up with a subscription to the website, at

Miss Lagsalot


Review from Fatale Media

Visit FataleMedia.Com to read the whole review and support this incredible, old-school, lesbian-owned retailer with modern queer tastes!!

Lesbian Curves… BBW – Big beautiful femmes who know how to start out slow and steamy, sucking and building to power-fucking, oozing orgasms the likes of which will make your own juices flow.

Lesbian Curves… Big, beautiful, multiracial lesbians who know how to please each other with toys and fingers and tongues…taking each other to exploding orgasms

Shaved pussies, waxed pussies, delicious EEE boobies, these bodies are gorgeous, lush and open and succulently waiting to be explored in every manner.

Courtney Trouble is an important voice on the scene of queer and lesbian porn. For fans of Roulette, Nostalgia and Seven Minutes in Heaven, Lesbian Curves lives up to Courtney Trouble’s reputation as a maverick pornographer who dishes up clit-tingling sex.